The university offers a BA in Economics. The BBA in Economics equips students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in a wide range of careers. The university is most known for its liberal arts curriculum but offers 50 undergraduate disciplines. Kent State is an eight-campus system enrolling over 38, students in total. All courses require a grade of C or C minus.

They also gain foundational knowledge in core business principles. Students can earn scholarships from either department and have access to state-of-the-art computer labs and research facilities, as well as networking opportunities and assistance finding jobs and internships. This degree program prepares students for successful careers in business, public service, academics, and government service. The university has a BA in Economics degree program. Graduates can seek advanced degrees or begin careers in banking or finance. Students in both the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Economics gain strong computation, communication, and data analysis skills. It also teaches students to analyze and write about economic problems and policy issues.

Students who maintain a 3. Assemble a cohesive package of 12 hours of coursework Many students take courses which are in different departments, but are related.

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Graduates can seek advanced degrees or begin careers in banking or finance. All students are encouraged to meet with an advisor once per semester for assistance with program decisions. Students often double-major in Sociology and another social science such as Psychology or Political Science. Business Strategy Applied Econometrics International Economics International Finance Investments and Portfolio Management Notables Students must meet foreign language and writing intensive course graduation requirements.


This includes courses on finance, marketing, management, coyrsework communication, accounting, and business economics. The program pairs traditional classroom teaching with internships and business-abroad studies. Students must earn a total of 32 hours of credit in sociology. Students who are finishing work in all five course categories listed above during junior year may consider an independent research project.

Students in the Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics program complete 18 semester hours of economics courses. With more than degree programs, OSU offers something for everyone.

In this program, you can expect to take courses like: The following lists these documents and where you can get them if you don’t already have them: GSU encourages discovery, growth, integrity, collaboration, and social responsibility.

Founded by the Texas legislature inthe University of Texas at San Antonio is a jiuc research university serving over 32, students. It is part of the University System of Georgia.

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Additional majors and minors in Economics are available, including a new BS in Quantitative Economics. The University of Nebraska Omaha is a public research university that was founded in Most programs have a GPA requirement.

They learn to solve economic problems, formulate economic forecasts, and make predictions. This degree program requires students to complete the business required core and an additional 18 credit hours of economics courses.


Students choose higher level courses and electives related to topics such as: These programs are available online or on exon. You always want to make your application as uicu as possible. Today, WVSU serves a richly diverse group of 3, students.

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They explore economic theory, organizational frameworks, quantitative analytical methods, and applications to industries and public policy issues. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2. Other courses that meet this requirement: For instance, you may need to maintain a 2.

uiuc econ supporting coursework

Use courses taken towards wcon completion of a double major If you are double-majoring, you may use courses taken to complete the double major for your supporting coursework provided they do not fall under the restrictions listed above.

Problem-solving abilities and communication skills are also a plus.

Actuarial Science @ Illinois

The university has a mission of providing top-quality academics within a faith-based context. Students complete courses including: Three courses of study are possible through the Bachelor of Arts in Economics: The BA involves university-wide BA requirements, and students must reach the 12th-credit level of proficiency in a foreign language.

Courses are grouped into the following categories: