When it actually happened, I think it should probably convince you. This exemplification allows the reader to understand how and to what extent people who have disabilities, or are in a certain condition, are treated differently. But there were some who spoke up to him when he tried to use his wheelchair as an advantage. The examples are true and real life experiences, so they can be proven to be true and can be more personal. I agree with you because you’re always right.

I seem to have interpreted the question in a different way than you. Handicapped people can get away with more and the examples he uses of actually experience convince you even more. Author Write something about yourself. They get special benefits. Blog Creative Writing About Mrs. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. These examples make you see from a wheelchair point of view, proving his point and making the essay more reliable.

Birnbaum in his writing, “The Catbird Seat”, birnbamu much of his experiences, which in turn makes his essay more convincing. Want to get a price estimate for your Essay? They do make his story even more believable and true. For example when he rushes into the elevator people commment on his actions. I never looked at it this way. Now do some people in wheelchairs take advantage like in the story? It seems we are all in conclusion that his personal stories helped make his story more convincing.

That pretty much sums it up and i believe the that people do treat peopl,e with disabilities differently than others. I enjoy the part where you say “they need someone to open their eyes”. If this information was not provided it would not have as big of an impact to the onlookers throughout the story.


He lists all the times he has used his disability to take advantage of people in many different situations. He nods his head trustingly on the assumption that I’ll unload and return thewis.

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I think the pregnant woman spoke up to him because she was pregnant and thought that she was more important because of that. Birnbaum begins his essay with an incident as a teenager taking the elevator in a wheelchair.

We have received your request for getting a sample. I think his examples are very convincing.

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He got out of speeding tickets. He gets out of speeding tickets, showing up late to work. I also think you were correct in saying that we should praise them for what they have htesis, but we should not pity them.

the catbird seat david birnbaum thesis

Your conclusions about the story and Birnbaums person experiences is well written. We see this perfectly when he cuts in front of a blind person davud gets a major wake up call.

His personal experience helps the reader get the inside scoop on being in a wheelchair and quadriplegic. We use cookies to give you the best experience srat. It takes certain people with certain situations to realize that people with disabilities are just they same as others in ways.


He relies on examples from his own life to make his essay more convincing. I do not know how you could not be convinced by this. After reading saet comment, I agree that he was using humor. I enjoy how you place your own inferences and views in your comment.

the catbird seat david birnbaum thesis

I mean, heck, why not? These examples make thesls see birmbaum a wheelchair point of view, proving his point and making the essay more reliable. This exemplification allows the reader to understand how and to what extent people who have thesiw, or are in a certain condition, are treated differently.

I think people do this because we feel bad for them. Many people remain ignorant, or choose to remain ignorant, when a person is behind them in a wheelchair and may need to get through the crowd. He snuck in Cuban cigars.

If this would have happened to someone of a different age, such as someone significantly older, people may not have as much remorse towards the speaker. Or if you need this sample for free, we can send it to you via email.