India has undergone tremendous economic growth in the two decades since the Bhopal disaster. The MIC plant was not designed to handle a runaway reaction. Information to gas affected women in Bhopal. He founded several activist groups, as well as Sambhavna Trust , the clinic for gas affected patients, where he is the manager. Union Carbide in Bhopal, India. Missing or insufficient fields for research are female reproduction, chromosomal aberrations, cancer, immune deficiency, neurological sequelae, post traumatic stress disorder PTSD and children born after the disaster. Archived from the original on 1 September

This point of view further argues that the Indian government took extensive actions to hide this possibility in order to attach blame to UCC. Gas victims brave dry taps in filthy colony. As part of UCC’s drive to cut costs, the work force in the Bhopal factory was brought down by half from to Safety requirements under factories act and rules pertaining to chemical accidents. Int J Occup Environ Health. He alleged that Verma was unhappy with Chaudhary and Mukund.

Pressure and heat from the vigorous exothermic reaction in the tank continued to build. Mukund, works manager; S. Delhi Science Forum, The pesticide factory was built in the midst of densely populated settlements.

The Bhopal disaster and its aftermath: a review

University of Tampere, The Indian economy is growing at a tremendous rate but at significant cost in environmental stuy and public safety as large and small companies throughout the in continue to pollute.

In comparison to the Trxgedy system, claiming damages in tort law would have been much simpler and easier. Tale of Gross Injustice. Bhopal being a landmark tort law case consists of matters relating to tort law such as loss spreading, risk attitude, moral hazard, transactions costs, and cost minimization or social efficiency.


By the end of Octoberaccording to the Bhopal Gas Tragedy Relief and Rehabilitation Department, compensation had been awarded topeople for injuries received and 15, survivors of those killed. In the severely affected areas, nearly 70 percent were under-qualified doctors.

Third session on industrial and environmental hazards and human rights: An Invitation to Environmental Sociology. How dangerous are the icocyanates?

The Bhopal disaster and its aftermath: a review

The highly toxic substance made its way into and around the small towns located near the plant. Toxic contaminants at the former Union Carbide factory site, Bhopal, India: Arch Environ Health, Sept-Oct;47 5: Thus was evolved the principle of Absolute liability in Indian Tort law, which can be said to be directly related to the recent occurring of the Bhopal leak at that time.

UCC has shrunk to one sixth of its size since the Bhopal disaster in an effort to restructure and divest itself.

suggested case study on bhopal gas tragedy vs chernobyl disaster

Legal proceedings involving UCC, the United States and Indian governments, local Bhopal authorities, and the disaster victims started immediately after the catastrophe. The cherry-red color of blood and viscera of some victims were characteristic of acute cyanide poisoning [ 11 ]. Mehta PS et al. The Government of India had focused primarily sthdy increasing the hospital-based services for gas victims thus hospitals had been built after the disaster.

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Upon arrival Anderson was placed under house arrest and urged by the Indian government to leave the country within 24 hours. Even without enforcement, international standards could provide norms for measuring performance of individual companies engaged in hazardous activities such as the manufacture of pesticides and other toxic chemicals in India [ 15 ].


Heavy reliance on coal-fired power plants and poor enforcement of vehicle emission laws have result from economic concerns taking precedence over environmental protection [ 19 ].

Inthe plant was manufacturing Sevin at one quarter of its production capacity due to decreased demand for pesticides.

suggested case study on bhopal gas tragedy vs chernobyl disaster

In its early negotiations with the Indian government, DuPont had sought and won a remarkable clause in its investment agreement that absolved it from all liabilities in case of an accident.

The Act made the government the sole representative of the victims in legal proceedings both within and outside India.

The hospital was begun in October and was opened in They were the poor from nearby villages who had come and settled around the factory in the hope of finding sugfested, in fact ironically many were employed in the factory for odd jobs and also at the managers homes etc.

Law in an unequal world. Estimates suggested that as many as 10, may have died immediately and 30, to 50, were too ill to ever return to their studj.

suggested case study on bhopal gas tragedy vs chernobyl disaster

Isolation of an unknown compound, from both blood of Bhopal aerosol disaster victims and residue of tank E of Union Carbide Limited. Specifically, prevention should include risk reduction in plant location and design and safety legislation [ 17 ]. Hum Exp Toxicol ; Refresher course for top executives.