Known in the Philippines as lagundi, the plant thrives in both humid and arid regions throughout Africa and Asia and has been used by local populations for hundreds of years to effectively treat wounds, headaches, ulcers, skin diseases, diarrhea, and the common cold, among many others. There are some goodies for you to explore. Distilled water is then added to moisten this powder, and it is then boiled for approximately fifteen minutes with occasional stirring in a low to medium heat which prevents possible degradation of the active ingredient. Under this agreement, the licensee pays an upfront fee for the technology and royalties based on gross revenues less value added tax and the typical volume discount given to large drug store chains. Scope and limitation This study limits on the study of the feasibility of the extract of Lagundi leaves as an alternative pesticide for killing cockroaches that can cause illness to human body. With the help of this new equipment, the farmers were able to produce more lagundi than before and improve their processing ability.

An important part of the license is the provision of the results of the clinical studies which verify the safety and effectiveness of the drug. General procedure The researcher removed the leaves from the stem. Then, she placed the leaves in the mortar and pestle and pounded until the extract came out. Thus, it is less expense. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Lagundi Availability Commercially, lagundi can be purchased in the form of syrup or capsules to make it easier to handle.

Hypothesis a Lagundi leaves extract may be an alternative insecticide for killing cockroaches.

lagundi leaves research paper

This is done through isolating the active ingredient and then developing the associated drug. In addition, he also found that they had vast traditional knowledge on the different medicinal properties of each part of the plant.


lagundi leaves research paper

The Philippine Department of Health has conducted research and study for Lagundi and has suggested that the lagundi plant has a number verifiable therapeutic value Lagundi is an erect, branched tree or shrub, that grows to as much as 5 m high. Aneja2 and Yogita Dhingra 2. Without these, the drug cannot be sold as a legal medicine in the Philippines.

Click to learn more https: In applying the Lagundi extract to the cockroaches, fewer insects died. Verbenaceaeis an important medicinal plant found throughout India.

These extracts exhibited mortality against cockroaches. Lagundi Availability Commercially, lagundi can be purchased in the form desearch syrup or capsules to make it easier to handle. A Review on Vitex negundo L.

Other companies followed suit, and their successes increased interest in licensing the technology. Antimicrobial compounds from Vitex negundo. Further investigations should be done in this study.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: The researcher is finding a way in eliminating these insects in an affordable way that everyone can afford and can also have the same affectivity as of the commercial ones and which is also safe to use. Balve Granido, the project adviser, for her concern, guidance, ideas, and support, for without her assistance and perseverance this research project would have not been realized.

The number of sprays to the following paepr is equal to four sprays only.

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January 22, Go to: The average of diameter mm of the inhibition zones called clearing zone CZ and the antimicrobial index AI was computed as the clearing zone CZ minus the diameter of the hole divided by the diameter of the hole.

These said germs are found in insects that live on dirty places in our surroundings, commonly cockroaches.


Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Then, the researcher squeezed the cloth. Above all, to our almighty God who gives knowledge, wisdom and strength to overcome the trials during the conduct of the study.

lagundi leaves research paper

September 20, Last update: With the help of the Philippine government and collaborations between universities and pharmaceutical companies, the technology was transferred and smart use IP structures such as utility models and trademarks ensured its success.

ByPascual was running television commercials during popular morning shows laves advertising on the radio and billboards.

From Herbal Folklore to Modern Medicine

In FebruaryTrevenodd Corporation Trevenodda newcomer to the industry, lleaves for a trademark registration for its Plemex brand lagundi cough medicine, which was registered in August of that same year. Vitex negundo is a large native shrub that grows in the Philippines and has been traditionally used as herbal medicine. Equipments and materials grams of Lagundi leaves extract 1 clean container or bottle Mortar and pestle Sieve Beaker Bottle spray Fine cloth B.

Cockroaches are carriers of diseases that cause illness to humans.

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Today, commercial pesticides are quite expensive and the ones who are really affected by this problem are the poor families that are having a hard time budgeting their money for more important necessities. We will write a custom paper sample on Herbal Medicine specifically for you.

Lagundi is also known for its analgesic effect that helps alleviate pain and discomfort. Headed by researchers primarily from UPM including Dr.