More information about text formats. He was no ordinary man he is a crazy Japanese man who looks like a wrinkled elf. I’ve only read some of the book but so far I think it is fabulous in my point of view so all the people who dislike this is a weirdo and very very very stupid. The Snow Goose Paul Gallico 9. After almost a year on the island, Michael was found by his parents. Ladi from London I love this book because the boy has a choice, but a very hard one because he has to chose between his loving family and his special friend.

Grace from UK This book really kept my interest throughout the whole story. I wanted this book to never end because I loved it so much! They had lots of adventures on the way-one time Michal fell overboard when his parents were asleep and he swam to an island and found a cave, where he stayed for a long time and met a crazy old man called Kensuke. Amazing build up of the plot but very easy and poor language for smart students. Sue from America I loved the book, expecially when he met Kensuke. It was a very good and exciting book.

Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

Shanzeh from Pakistan Awesome book, must read y’all: Shafah Ahmed from Preston, United Kingdom Umm, I think this book is brilliant, the language is great and it makes it sound like Michael is mature: I Think the book was good because it had adventure And i would say it had mystery as well i think it was better then flotsam but flotsam had more imagination then kensuke kingdom but kensuke kingdom had words michael went to australia and Africa then michaels mum had belly cramps in brazil and it was something that she ate.


Write a reader review Thank kebsukes for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book. I love reading Kensuke’s Kingdom and I was wondering if it was a homewogk story? Ethan It is exciting and funny and I loved it. Holly from Britain It is an amazing book and my best part is when Michael arrived on the island.

I gave it to my grandson and can’t wait to hear his opinion and to discuss this great book together!

kensukes kingdom homework

I found that although the language used is simple the target audience being children the read still manages to lock the reader to the book regardless of age.

I think it is not for little little children. The book is very awesome. Samuel from Europe Although the class are still on Chapter Four Page 45the book is far from boring!

Jake Bedford October 22, So if you have kingfom spare moment, please tell us your thoughts by writing a reader’s review. Ramyah from England I loved this book it personally isn’t my best favourite book but it surely is in the list of my “recommended books”.

Zak from United Kingdom A very good book if u want to bring your child in touch with human emotions.

kensukes kingdom homework

Alanoud from United Arab Emirates I have read this book it is awesome and we are reading it again in class I never stopped reading it when I started thanks Micheal Morpurgo: I red this book for my book report for school. I was really happy when the family was back together again, when I read the book I wanted to read on.


Kensuke’s Kingdom

I hope they read this book in our class soon we are currently reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Friendship and trust was the key point of the story. It is a book that will grip you from start to finish, and enlighten you of the true meaning of trust and friendship. It is about a boy who travels across the seas with mum and dad but suddenly get stranded on a island.

I think this is my favourite book. Very emotional book for me.

Kensuke’s Kingdom | Teaching Ideas

homewor, Niamh from Somerset Brill. I like reading Kensuke’s sentences. I would give this book 4 stars. Grace Its a great book I think it should be bought by different people from ages 10 and up. Rida Owais from Pakistan This book is very good and it is the best as it is written by its author.

I would recommend to read it. Barish from Netherlands This is amazing!!!

Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo book review

It was an amazing adventure story which had its ups and downs. I give this book ten stars because It Is very interesting. Philip Rhayader lives alone in an abandoned lighthouse on the desolate Great Marsh of Essex.