Human Geography is also available as a Combined Honours degree. Environment and Planning A 45 1 pp. A first challenge of the project is to examine how this threat influences urban environments by acting on individuals, their behavior and their representations. Teaching interests My teaching interests broadly lie in the areas of: The question then becomes less about securing coexistence through the founding of communities be they lost or prophesied and instead understanding coexistence through an attentiveness to the differentiation that can come to unfold within such relations and the sorts of distributions amongst subjects that this might lead to. People and the Environment. These include items ranging from simple stationary to core textbooks referred to in the lecture modules.

Infrastructures, Atmospheres, and the Experience ofSustainable Cycling’. During your first year you will do field work on campus and in the surrounding regions. The destinations will depend on your chosen course but may include trips to the Peak District, to the coast, to nearby towns and rural areas, or to visitor attractions such as the nearby Monkey Forest! Every effort is made to ensure that the information contained in this Handbook and in all other documentation provided by the School is correct at the time of publication. Critical Geographies of Sport: International students who do not meet the direct entry requirements for this course have the opportunity to study an International Foundation Year programme.

I am particularly interested in developing understandings of the experiential aspects of this and how the use of space intersects with its management and design. Gender and the Cinematic Gaze.

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Taking St Pancras and Gare du Nord as case studies,the project will examine the interrelation of security practices and surveillance, social interactions and embodied performances, and the general spatio-temporal patterning of these sites, and how in combination they produce a specific experience of travel.


The module covers both the history of landscape studies in geography as well as contemporary research. A summary of the credit requirements per year is as follows, with a minimum of 90 subject credits compulsory plus optional required for each year.

Global Warming or a New Ice Age. Critical Geographies of Sport: These are used to explore disertation wide range of real world and imagined landscapes as found in rural and urban areas, as well as a range of different forms of media music, literature, art, amongst others. In this module I help students in their handdbook to university by introducing them to key academic and study skills in small group tutorials. It can be studied in the following combinations: Environment and Planning A 45 1 pp.

You should also follow KeeleGeogs on Twitter to get occasional news and announcements from the course, and follow a selection of geography-related twitter feeds to get lots of Geography news coming your way. Keele courses are also available at https: Fundamentals of Physical Geography.

During your second year you will go on a residential field course disseetation afield. As such, the research draws attention to the significance of the various atmospheres both meteorological and felt experienced by cyclists in their moving through the planned urban environment to the uptake of this practice.

Concepts and Debates in Geography. As such, this research takes a qualitative approach in studying cycling and the provisions made for it by examining the interrelation of cyclists and the planned environments they move through at an experiential level.

Social Science Research in Motion. Coexistence has come to represent a key issue in contemporary society. The limits of the body: Geography geogralhy all routes Course information and handbook. Key facts Study abroad.


Course information and handbook

International students who do not meet the direct entry requirements for this course have the opportunity to study an International Foundation Year programme. The Handbook does not replace the entries in the University Regulations, which are authoritative statements.

Space, Power and Sport in Global Perspective.

The Politics of Sustainability. Early online Elemental Mobilities: Social and Cultural Geography.

keele geography dissertation handbook

Amazon or Abebooks for 2nd hand copies are probably the best places to find these, and the campus bookshop usually offers special deals on our main textbooks. All of keelle Programme Specifications are available here.

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I hope that you will find Human Geography at Keele enjoyable and rewarding. Our Course Information Documents CIDs are designed to give you all of the details you need to make an informed decision about what and where to study. Guest edited themed issue of Social and Cultural Geography ,12 4. Secondly,drawing on recent work related to non-representational theory and discussions of embodied practices, this research expands upon the small amount of existing research which has begun to examine the more general experience of cycling by focusing on the affective elements of this interrelation.

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keele geography dissertation handbook