After leading the process of completing pages I coordinate their submission to the yearbook production company. Regardless of how amazing your extracurricular activities are, grammar mistakes or poor spelling can have a seriously negative impact on your report. This cheap and effective attraction raked in unforeseeable revenue and made a valuable contribution to the fundraiser. You’re also too emotional… Anyway, you wrote about a club in the EC section, and now you’re asking if you should talk about it in the essay section: My take action approach, thinking outside the box, and knowing how to successfully achieve my goals will be essential and I look forward to improving all of these skills at Ivey. Select three activities that you feel demonstrate your leadership abilities best.

After graduating, he joined Accenture and is currently a Manager in Accenture Digital. Managing logistics requires teamwork, attention to details, and the skill to coordinate schedules and negotiate contracts with all suppliers. They will also include the required prerequisites for your program as specified by Western. The Ivey Advanced Entry Opportunity AEO extends conditional pre-admission to the HBA Program to students who choose to study at Western or one of its affiliated university colleges, in a faculty of their choice, for their first two years of university. I am responsible for teaching skiing skills to classes of as many as 10 students ranging in age between 7 and Give me some time to help you develop a more relevant conclusion.

HBA Mar 31, After continuing my involvement as a model in grade 10, I increased my responsibilities in grade 11 when I was selected for lead roles in logistics and suestion relations.

ivey aeo essay question

What is the minimum accepted grade required for entrance from high school through the IB program? For now, I have a feeling that the essay is offering too much information in terms of your leadership discussion.


My team and I contacted companies that offered the best deal for inflatables and food machines to plan out the main attractions for the event. It is not the number of leadership involvements you have that are important to us, but rather the degree of achievement, commitment and balance.

I am looking forward to using this experience in team assignments during my first 2 qustion at Western and during my academic career in the Ivey HBA program.

ivey aeo essay question

Throughout the final setup process, I guided volunteers to bring our ideas to life and found solutions to rising problems quickly. You want to get involved with things ewsay you have an actual interest in, which is really benefiting yourself in the long run. If you use the same club choose a different event to showcase your unique skills.

Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO)

I spent countless after school meeting designing headers on banners, creating centrepieces and piecing together the aoe aspects of the decor together. All I can say is this: If you have them, then merge them into a smooth discussion for the revised essay. Major, Honors Specialization, etc.

I am responsible for recruiting and leading a team, planning and assigning work responsibilities, managing progress and deadlines and developing an innovative theme and content for the yearbook.

The Ivey HBA essay question is: As such, I am excited to continue developing my skills in these areas while completing my HBA degree. For example, if you are passionate about athletics — lead within your chosen sport s ; if you essayy passionate about student government — lead within your student councils.

When choosing your top 3 activities to write about, be sure to choose the ones that highlight your leadership abilities, as well as your skills in the aforementioned qualities. Good luck to all those writing your reports! I have learned to skillfully approach these companies, articulate a business case, and convince them that advertising in the yearbook is a worthwhile investment. Try to review your previous versions of the essay.


You should receive a confirmation message as soon as you submit your Quedtion AEO application online. Remove your final paragraph for now.

Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO) | Ivey HBA Program

Real advice from real students. If you don’t, then develop the discussion for ewsay in the new version of your response. Additionally, my expertise in marketing allowed me to co-lead the advertisement of the carnival. Find the situations that I indicated in my second paragraph.

Note, for admissions consulting support, we highly recommend contacting the questtion at AdmissionsConsulting. Enroll at Western or one of the Affiliated University Colleges for Years 1 and 2 with a full course load 5. I also helped develop new and creative ways to market the yearbook, including extensive use of social media to create even more interest and a further increase in essah. Your activities are assessed on five dimensions: During the planning of the event, I formed a committee and took lead in the decoration aspect of the event.

I don’t have a solid intro or conclusion, I was wondering if its better to cut this paragraph down and combine it with the previous draft.

My roles require collaboration, teamwork, and effective communication with a team of 30 students in order to execute the show successfully.