Thus, UPA can be seen as a sort of surrogate to the state. The processing was divided into two stages; the first stage consisted of transcribing the interviews and selecting codes from the transcribed data by using in In Vivo coding and Initial coding 11 See Section 2. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Governance and Urban Development: Since UPA were infor- mants of sorts, it is important to be aware of how their perception of the PPHI could have affected my own view of the field. The Informal settlers go back to being informal settlers again Outside of the Spanish city, the larger coastal plain of Manila is bisected by the Pasig River which traverses east to west from Laguna Lake to Manila bay.

During the Focused cod- ing I re-valued some of the more infrequent codes, which resulted in their removal or re-coding to similar and more frequently occurring codes. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. These govern- mental procedures for buying land indicate the difficulties that the PPHI are facing in completing their project before President Aquino finishes his term and their bridged social capital within the government is lost. Click to learn more https: The children are affected the most.

No publications or reports from this project will include identifying information on any partici- pant without your signed permission, ilpg after your review of the materials.

In contrast, when the state is functional but coercive, civil soci- ety have a diminished input.

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Follow com- munity rules. Several big private companies have participated since During one interview, the cluster leader seemed to be tired of repeating sim- ilar answers from the other cluster leaders, and instead of explaining what my respondent had said word for word, she simply said: I do believe that there is a strong possibility that gender roles are affected as women take the lead in this project, and that a gendered focus would be valuable for further research on climate adaptation and the urban poor.

The land that has been appointed to the PPHI studu their new homes can only house 14 fam- ilies, the remaining 91 families still need land in order for their homes to be constructed. When it comes to personal investments, many of the respondents have avoided making improvements to their homes, since UPA and NML encourage that the families save their money in the NML collective savings scheme; in order to prepare for the coming monthly amor- tisations once the PPHI is completed.


International Conference on Water Management Modeling.

ilog pasig case study

Climate Vase 2 5— Since the early s, commerce and day-to-day needs have pressed Pasig and its tributaries into tireless service. My UPA respondent reaffirmed that the problem lies in the amount of paper work that is necessary for each step of the process: The attention that the sutdy has received as a pilot project has helped pasif community to get their message of urban housing for the impoverished across.

In a case study in Bangladesh, Ayers noticed a gap between expert driven adaptation strategies, and the locally understood assessments, of climate in- duced risks and vulnerabilities. Participation during the field research consisted of interaction with people in the Legarda community, helping out with smaller tasks, such as moving furniture or playing with the children, coming along during political rallies, and assisting with technical dase during meetings.

Manila is the capital city; it is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and the politics and business centre of the Philippines Philippine Statistics Authority, Push and pull factors driving the initiative are identified. Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. The last section further analyses and discusses my findings in relation to the theoretical framework and the research question and sub-questions, however with a higher focus on my own interpretations of what the over-all drivers are in the NCR.

Furthermore, by engaging in the PPHI, ilgo people of Legarda protect their bonded social capital from disintegrating in the relocation sites.

Urban River Rehabilitation and Flood Control: Case Study of the Pasig River System

Towards an inclusive urban planning and practice. The local impacts of these hazards are often more severe in developing countries that do not have sufficient resources to increase their resilience and decrease climate impacts iisd, It would therefore be suitable to ilg the PPHI to the recommendations of researchers who study local participation in urban planning.

Another motivation behind the cleaning of the estero is to show the government that there is no need to remove the people in order to clean the waterways, instead the communities living along the waterways could help in the clean-up process Interview Connections or collaborations between communities, NGOs, and LGUs are examples of bridged social capital, while the iloy and relationships within each of these units are forms stuy bonded social capital Adler and Kwon, Since UPA were infor- mants of sorts, it is important to be aware of how their perception of the PPHI could have affected my own view of the field.


Therefore, this method more clearly showcases my process of analysis and train of thought, and interpretations developed from the initial raw data; rather than presenting material that have already been altered by my interpretation. Once the project was underway, and the construction of the new medium rise buildings proved to take up more space than the NML had thought, the community had to rethink their strategy.

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Climate and Development 6 4— The name estero derives from the estuarine nature of the Pasig River system— depending on the tide, seawater would flow into the river eventually meeting the freshwater of Laguna Lake or vice versa.

The same people who were collectively responsible for the neglect and fouling of the waterway now contribute towards keeping it clean.

ilog pasig case study

There are no known risks associated with participation in the study. One of the most important victories for the community was when the NML president was elected as studj to the barangay that Legarda is part of. Better opportunities for children. I began by compiling the selected Initial codes and In Vivo codes in a table organised according to their frequency A group with fewer resources have to be larger to create the same amount of collective capital within their social network.