Demonstrate knowledge and apply consumer protection laws. Pittman, Kristin English Language Arts: Connelly, Tara Fine Arts: Career Cluster Resources for Finance. Plan and manage work schedules and personnel to maximize operations.

Select a business opportunity based on research. Career Cluster Resources for Information Technology. Colwell, Alecia English Language Arts: Adams, Laura Physical Education: Hammond, Tabetha English Language Arts:

Demonstrate knowledge of social, ethical, and legal issues for small businesses.

Kentucky Department of Education. Develop and communicate to employees the customer relations policy. Tufts, Leander World Languages: Identify and explore career opportunities to create a professional growth and development plan. Apply computational skills to computerized financial documents.

fbla entrepreneurship case study sample

Describe concept of credit worthiness as it relates to credit records, ratings, reports, and laws. Compare costs, qualifications, and procedures for various forms of credit. Identify characteristics and technical skills needed by entrepreneurs. Johnson, Faith Fine Arts: Develop and implement a public relations program for the company.


Analyze tax structures and consequences to assist in business decision making. Skoke, Sarah English Language Arts: Business Plan Tasks Explain the benefits and liabilities of starting a business.

FBLA / Competitive Events

Thomas, James Social Studies: Develop and deliver effective customer relation skills to provide good customer service. Prepare organization chart and job descriptions to expedite workflow.

Overstreet, Jimmy Physical Education: Develop procedures to retain records. Identify current sntrepreneurship trends to recognize changes needed in business operation. Bong, Pelagie World Languages: Career and Technical Education. Be sure to review the Event Guidelines and Scoring Rubrics. Recognize the importance of union-management relationship and contracts to ensure business continuity. Interpret financial data and statements to develop short- and long-term budgetary plans, to determine point of profitability and viability, and to analyze cash flow forecast.

Adams, Laura Physical Education: Develop separation, termination, and transition procedures for processing employee personnel actions.

fbla entrepreneurship case study sample

Griffin, Tia Social Studies: Wtudy types of sources of credit and credit terms. Personnel Management Tasks Competency: Apply ethical conduct in business relationships and community activities.


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Conduct initial feasibility study by identifying industry trends, competition, and market segment using various research techniques. Connelly, Tara Fine Arts: Miolen, Douglas Social Studies: Explain expressed and implied warranties for sale of goods.

Perez, Moises Social Studies: Allen, Maria World Languages: