Terrorism also hampers the prospects of good governance. Coal is a game changer for Pakistan. Moreover, tourism industry of Pakistan is also in a dying state. Sixth; another alternate source of oil is methanol — a clear colourless liquid made from natural gas, coal industrial garbage. How can you project the image of the country across the world?

The US, which is the most advanced country technologically and richest economically, consumes 25 per cent of the total world energy output while its population makes only five per cent of the world. It is also used in the production of electricity, generating 64 percent 34 from hydropower. Similarly, solar power also has huge potential of generating , MW, although it seems like a distant dream, but with revolutionary innovation, its tipping point may not be that far. Agriculture sector is also affected, largely because productivity heavily depends on the functioning of tube wells in many areas. One dam will bring an additional 2 maf of water to Sindh, two dams will fetch 4 maf and another dam will bring water equal to storage capacity of Mangla Dam.

Moreover, sorhar imported furnace oil is high sulphur furnace oil because low sulphur furnace oil is costly. We encourage visitors to the forum to report any objectionable message in site feedback. By building mega water reservoirs our canals will become perennial and no longer be seasonal. Another major energy source consists of renewable resources.

Rehan Abbas Chaudhry at Few plants have been installed by the government to meet future needs.

Global energy crisis By Irshad Ali Sodhar (FSP)

Third, the supply of hydrocarbons is also affected by the political condition in the resource countries. Now, however, in many other area of the world, population growth, economic development, rapid urbanization and industrialization, are applying continuous pressure on pf already limited water resources of Pakistan.


This is a great challenge to enhance the installed capacity to MW from MW.

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The local intelligence needs to be strengthened in terms of organization, equipment, training and coordination. This is the very cheaper source and clean form of energy. It did invite Independent Power Producers IPPs to share its burden; the IPPs have become an object of controversy, and clearly have not been able to meet the shortfall.

That is needed to meet the demand for energy which is increasing by ten to twelve per cent annually, says Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz.

Global warming By Irshad Ali Sodhar (FSP)

Solutions to energy crisis are not going to be ordinary, because the crisis is not. It shall include religious and modern education in equal proportions. Economic sector is being hit hard because energy is pivotal for the smooth functioning of its various parts. Energy sodha of Pakistan is considered to be under-developed, thanks to poor management and planning, with untapped potential for humungous growth.

Essay of irshad sodhar

Since domestic supply of energy is erratic and as rare as gold, it stresses people out decreasing their productivity as workers and citizens. Unending Afghan War g. A total of There is a dire need to devise a strategy irshaad utilise Thar Coal for power generation.

Interesting inflation is also going up along with layoffs. Reconstructing the energy sector means dismantling decades iirshad poor planning and decision-making, which speaks of the complexity of the situation.


This includes wind power, biodiesel or biomass, solar and tidal.

essay of irshad sodhar

The geological structure of Wssay block three has been published by geological survey of Pakistan. The largest fossil fuel reserves are located in Middle East and Russia. They should use speeches and writings to preach the message of peace. This has contributed to circular debt problem because of short-sightedness political government.

In addition, the analysis and argumentativeness are crucial for scoring high marks. There are four main types of fossil fuels: A fundamental change that altered the very character of society in Pakistan sodhra after the outbreak of Soviet-Afghan war.

The fossil fuels are also the main source of energy for heating of houses and running motor vehicles and generation of electricity.

Thar coal; the game changer

Load shedding has led poor junta to take their frustration to road, unleashing it on sodyar and private property, creating some of the most horrendous scenes of incivility. A Turkish company is going to install a 50 MW turbine in Jhampir. However, it is also limited and has hazardous effects on human health.

essay of irshad sodhar