Most often they arrive at decision just from the cover letter and rarely look at supporting documents. Subject The recommendation letter might start with a subject, for example: The first important contribution [petitioner] gave to the field of XYZ was the study of the fundamental properties of XYZ crystals. The alien applicant may still have chance for the approval, and we do hear fair amount of cases are approved after RFE. Here are some examples of potential recommenders, ordered from the most independent and authoritative:. Leave a comment Share Link.

If it is research in a field, give statistic number he is doing research on, to show how his research will affect the ordinary people of US. Thank you very much. Be patient and read it again and again. While it is noted that scientific research is often a collaborative effort, it must be shown that the beneficiary stands out among his peers and has reached the very top of the field. It is impossible for us to present all have done past over 15 years of our practice. It is very important that each letter not sound the same; using this letter repeatedly and simply inserting new information at certain places in the letter, will raise a red flag at CIS.

His is an outstanding researcher of the highest caliber in the field of name personaal field and I most strongly recommend that his application be granted.

Sample Letters in Support of EB-1 Outstanding Professors and Scholars

This discovery allows the fresh look at the possible causes of Isuiuuyst and other complex disorders. The applicant has several inventions, and his name is the second. I hope that I can continue my research on asd asd here, and that my training and scientific expertise will allow me to statemen a significant contribution to the understanding of this phenomenon, which will help to develop effective therapeutic approaches to treat it.

eb1 personal statement example

As mentioned above, some recommendation letters might have more significant effect. Using wer technology, I study the effect of wer on the wer composition of the wer at the different wer corresponding to the wer years of human. Doe for a term of indefinite duration in which he will have an expectation of continued employment unless there is good cause for termination. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.


The applicant needs to provide citation search results, including all citation paper’s title, author name, journal name, year, vol. Comments Hey, so when could we expect the kit to be available? Albans, VT Re: It is very important that each letter not sound the same; using this letter repeatedly and simply inserting new information at statekent places in the letter, will raise a red flag at CIS. Relationship Of the Recommender And the Petitioner The recommender should explain how she became aware of the petitioner and describe their relationship.

In these experiments, we found tyutyu and ghj pathways that were not previously considered as personnal being involved in ghj atyubuse. The petitioner might include additional evidence to the petition to support the statements in the reference letters.

This alien applicant can win the case by demonstrating the importance of his research, journal papers, citations, etc. Do a solid job of writing the cover letter-that can make all the difference.

Being first on the author also does not say much, since there are no official guidelines on this issue. These were simple shortened examples focused only on a few of the EB1A criteria. To help you obtain EB1 extraordinary ability green card easily and quickly, we provide the high quality and case-proven Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for EB1 Extraordinary Ability Applicationbased on our extensive and practical employment immigration experience.

Eb1 personal statement example

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. It might also convince USICS officer that the petitioner has a significant impact on the whole field.


We respectfully request your kind consideration and favorable adjudication of our First Employment-Based Preference petition on behalf of Dr.

I guess my self-petition was not well organized. My work in the lab in the collective of enthusiastic scientists cracking fundamental secrets of life shaped my interest in the life science, and I was eager to apply my knowledge of molecular biology to the human health science. If you hire a lawyer to prepare your EB1A petition, make sure he pays special attention to the drafting of the reference letters. For the recommendations from international researchers, the alien applicant needs to let them emphasize on the importance of his research which he published in these papers, and also that his work was critical to the success of the research project, and that he was the main contributor.

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Eb1 personal statement example

Evidence of this includes: Should I submit more reference letters for the RFE? Green Card on your own, even without an U.

This preliminary results of this sgatement has been presented in the annual meeting Society for rty in andand attracted great interest of researchers in the area. I have provided citation search results and some citation papers, but they still want to know more details for establishing the significance of these citations.

eb1 personal statement example

Can share the kit instead for the time being? It states that my submitted evidences do not establish that the beneficiary qualifies for EB1-Extraordinary Ability classification. I am first author for 10 published papers.