The numerical model is based on the Volume of Fluid method to track the evolution of the droplet shape. After removal of the membrane free standing gold nanowires remain on the microelectrodes. Shaker , Aachen [Dissertation] Oberlack, Martin: Conservation laws of helical flows. Upload document and enter metadata 3.

Further information on the habilitation process can be found on the website of Department II. The research results can therefore be crucial to the efficiency of microelectrodes in neural implants. After integration of the film the pores are filled by electrodeposition of gold. The Team Electronic Publishing will gladly assist you. This thesis attempts to close this gap. Downloads per month over past year.

Based on the framework for algebraic graph transformations several model transformation tools were developed over the last years.

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Darmsstadt should the printed copies look like? Further, microelectrodes for measurement applications should have a very low impedance and for stimulation applications a very high charge injection capability. On the basic phenomena of acoustic wave generation and dynamics in compressible shear flows. After discussing the system components and associated optimality criteria, numerical examples of collective tasks are given that demonstrate the capabilities of the continuum approach and show its advantages over large-scale agent-based modeling.

A high-order Discontinuous Galerkin solver for incompressible and low-Mach number flows.

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Downloads per month over past year. At the same time the detailed information provided by the simulation are employed to identify the dominant phenomena governing the heat transfer during the entire impingement process. Increased visibility of your research findings Long-term archiving Free of charge, quick and uncomplicated Permanent quotable URNs Integration of and cooperation with other network services Numerous features as for instance author-ID and Creative Commons licenses Consulting and Contact: Reconstruction and stability analysis of interfaces between electrically conducting fluids.


Danach wird die Performanz dieser beiden Methoden mit einer Standardmethode verglichen, die auf einer Festpunktarithmetik basiert.

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Find further information about electronic publishing and open access at TU Darmstadt on our website. Our first contribution is a new computational framework for SMC with real values which are stored in a logarithmic encoding.

This thesis attempts to close this gap. Bernhard and Gambaryan-Roisman, Prof.

Other than most existing approaches, the proposed methodology naturally handles periodic tasks and situations where the intentions of the expert change over time. Special attention is payed to the modeling of the evaporative heat transfer in the vicinity of the moving 3-phase contact line.

Due to the simple manufacturing process and the very good microelectrode properties, the integration of PEDOT coated gold submicronwires is the preferred method to fabricate microelectrodes with low impedance. Downloads per month over past year. Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes are uln directly in the microsystem. Numerical investigations on the function of flush waves in a reservoir sewer.


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Heat transfer and evaporation during single drop impingement onto a superheated wall. Alle vier konzipierten und realisierten nano- bzw.

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Electrochemical properties of the electrodes are examined by cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. First, a nonparametric inference framework is developed to capture the behavior of the expert at the policy level. Publishing by ULB 5.

dissertation ulb darmstadt

This prevents phase separation and favours uniform distribution of Mn ions in the ZnO lattice. You register in TUprints, upload your file and fill in the metadata. Text Dissertation – Christoph Nick. Graph transformation with its formal foundations and its broad range of theoretical results, on the one hand, and competitive tool support, on the other hand, constitutes an effective framework for model-driven software development.

Template-assisted synthesis and characterisation of quasi-one-dimensional ceramic nanomaterials

Copies must be permanently bound. Print Impressum Privacy Policy. Where do I hand in the habilitation? We round off this dissertation with both a theoretical and a practical evaluation of the proposed techniques. Upload document and enter metadata 3. Even though the focus of this thesis is on single droplets, also the interaction of individual droplets during their impingement is addressed briefly.