Therefore, they were excluded from the study and finally Male: It is one of the mental health component and the major element of subjective well-being. Get my own profile Cited by All Since Citations h-index 8 8 iindex 6 5. Both the inference subscale and total CT score difference persisted after post hoc tests, with students from third year of education scored significantly higher than those from second and first years of education. California California State University; An assessment of contributors to happiness of university students in Qom Pardis faculty.

The CT ability in medical and dental students in the present study was weak overall. Mosallanejad L, Sobhanian S. Critical thinking skills research: Medical education development ; 4 8: Comparing critical thinking in first and last term baccalaureate nursing students and clinical nurses; Iran University of Medical Science.

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This is a descriptive analytical study. Smith S, Brownell M. White W, Burke C. Frequency distribution of personal characteristics of the sample Variable Dimension Frequency Percentage Gender male Issue 4 Issue 3 Issue 2 Issue 1.

Critical Thinking ; Happiness ; Students. Educational programmers should concern critical thinking and the methods to upgrade it. Moreover, a previous study 31 has suggested strengthening selfesteemin the medical sciences students for suitable clinical judging and decision making in different clinical situations. Similar to this finding, Barkhordary et al. Assessment of critical thinking ability in medical students. Moreover, it is recommended to use simulation and rethinking techniques.


Tools of univresity thinking: J Health Syst Res.

Performing such studies will help medical educators in considering the effects of their education on CT ability of their students. It is one of the mental health component and the major element of subjective well-being. Conclusion Medical and dental educators and nonclinical instructors must try to develop the ability of CT, especially inference and deduction domains, in their students.

In addition, Amipoor 22 stated that there is a significant difference between critical thinking and happiness which consistent with our study. Therefore, it is suggested to consider some more specific questionnaires for future studies on these populations. The score of the participants was between zero to The improving of CT in medical students has implications for medical education and promotion of medical profession.

As participating in the study was voluntary, twenty-five students did not take part in the study or did not answer questions completely. CT may influence professional scienxes processes and may has direct and indirect implications for the quality of medical care.


Interdisciplinary Journal of Virtual Learning in Medical Sciences

Critical thinking and creativity in nursing: Relationship between self-esteem and happiness and creativity of Bu-Ali-Sina university students. L, Martin M, Wyatt T.

critical thinking skills of students in bushehr university of medical sciences

Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. The testing of participants spanned an academic semester. California Academic Press; Elder L, Paul R.

The instruments were Oxford Happiness and Rytas questionnaire of critical thinking Research in medical education ; 8 2: Aciences an emphatic recommendation, improving the level of CT in medical thining dental students before they go into the work place as a physician will not occur without interventional programs.

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critical thinking skills of students in bushehr university of medical sciences

Critical thinking in North America: The framework of educational achievement could influence the future of a country or a nation 2. This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar.