Similar requirements for other funding agencies should be followed as required. Endocrine Society members Sign in via society site. Email alerts New issue alert. For more details and insight from the Society, see this editorial on these instructions for the reporting of steroid hormone measurements. When a disease or phenotype of interest is due to variants in a previously identified gene, a replication will, to be considered, need to lead to a significant increase in understanding of the phenotype or patient management. For assistance on preparing original figures and tables, authors should contact American Journal Experts. This affirmation indicates that all authors have had a part in the writing and final editing of the report, all have been given a copy of the manuscript, all have approved the final version of the manuscript, and all are prepared to take public responsibility for the work, sharing responsibility and accountability for the results.

They will be subject to peer review and must be modifiable in response to criticisms. Letters must be no more than words in length, have no more than eight references, and must not cite unpublished work or data. If your manuscript is accepted, all author agreements must be completed before it can be sent to production. Abstracts or posters displayed for colleagues at scientific meetings need not be reported. Related articles in Google Scholar.

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See also Letters Letter to the Editor: When data points are fitted with lines as in Scatchard or Lineweaver-Burk plotsthe method used for fitting graphical, least squares, or computer program should be specified. In addition, cober multiple hypotheses and multiple analytic procedures are used, the interpretation of results should account for the influence of such multiple testing on biological or clinical significance.


For information on depositing a paper in PubMed Central in compliance with a public access policy, see https: All tables and figures, if any are mentioned orderly in the main text; The assumptions behind that statement are: We encourage questions, comments and feedback below. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. The affiliation of each author has to be numbered See Sample Manuscript for detail ; 5.

Thus, our results show that the combination of clinical variables and a biochemical test can improve the diagnostic performance in a high-risk population. You could not jcme signed in. For specific information on how to comply with the policies of these funders, please see their websites.

Corresponding author contact information should be present for both co-corresponding authors on the title page as well. GT is an inventor on U.

cover letter jcem

Please include this Disclosure Summary on the title page of the submitted manuscript. Historical or manufacturer data are not sufficient, and contemporaneous performance data from the laboratory performing the testing is required unless otherwise stated and justified.

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These should be cited by number in the Methods section. All text in figures is in Arial font; Where the use of anesthetics would negate the results of the experiment, the protocol must be clearly justified and approved by the Committee on Animal Care and Use of the local institution and according to accepted veterinary medical practice. No changes can be made to the Advance Article version.

One of the main conclusions of our study is the higher prevalence of CS in specific at-risk populations, in line with other previous reports 4—6. Purchase Subscription prices and ordering Short-term Access To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Examples of repositories can be found here:.


They are typically up to 1, words in length, should have no more than eight references, and have no figures or tables.

JCEM Author Guidelines

Editorials carry no figures or tables and have no more than eight references. Our aim in developing this prediction model was to provide a simple tool for physicians to predict the risk for CS in specific populations. Ethical Issues and Conduct. Author Services and Information.

cover letter jcem

This includes articles in the public domain or that carry a CC-BY license. Email alerts New issue alert. Statement of conflict of interest is provided.

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If you cannot address a point at all, explain why not. Authors should use appropriate nonparametric tests when jvem data do not meet the assumptions of parametric statistics.

All other article types must have original figures and tables only. If reviewers are uncertain whether they should recuse themselves, they should consult with the editor.

For more details and insight from the Society, see this editorial on these instructions for the reporting of steroid hormone measurements. Data should be deposited to a suitable repository and the accession number ucem in the Reference section of the manuscript.