The purpose of the document is to share good practice and ideas and to hopefully review approaches in time. Mission Impossible theme tune I use the Mission Impossible theme tune in my lessons for starters when I want students to complete an activity in a certain time. Once the form is set up it then collates all the information for you every time a response is submitted. We support learning across primary, secondary and. The great thing is this can all be done from my phone, which obviously saves time and allows me to do it there and then while fresh in my mind. I also think Volleyball will be a popular option too. How long do students spend on a particular sport before moving on?

Sports such as Cycling and Rock Climbing can be expensive for students to pursue outside of school. I think it is important to vary your theory teaching content so it does not become the same type of lesson where the students are making notes from the teacher stood at the front of the class as I believe over time those lessons all get merged into one great big lesson where it is harder for the students to recall the information. I will then use this data to come up with targets for them e. Are students starting the course in year 9 or year 10? As always I would love to hear how PE teachers are using GAFE as there are so many add ons that you can choose from that are relevant to education.

Once you have a play around with GAFE I guarantee you will find yourself working far more efficiently and effectively. I am sure we would all agree that the current specifications for GCSE PE theory are not the most inspiring and I believe this is one of the good things to come out of the new specifications is that the theory content is much more substantial, relevant and interesting.

In SeptemberI used some of the department budget to buy the department package which meant that all staff and students could have access to the site.

Exampro This is one for the teachers rather than the students. Having discussed with wqa Head of Department various strategies of increasing motivation and engagement of the boys within theory lessons, we came up with a GCSE PE league table.

aqa gcse pe coursework exemplar

Exampro allows you to design test and examination papers for your students for the AQA specification. It covers all aspects of the course so if you have officials or coaches you can input their score, key process C, progress tests etc and works out the UMS marks for you.

As we discussed the scenario I typed their responses on a bullet point list in a Google Doc. Plickers is an app that you download onto a device iPhone, iPad etc. The reason for this is that students need to be playing as the previous roles of official, coach, organiser and choreographer have now gone and if you have only have a four court Badminton sports hall like most schools probably do then you can only have 16 students playing properly at any one time. GCSE Physical Education provides students with the knowledge and understanding of how to live a healthy and active lifestyle, enabling them to make informed choices.


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Coursedork a student is not in on a Thursday for any reason they miss out on obtaining 12 points as students have two practical lessons with me on that day.

Homework being submitted has definitely been improved and gxse the help of the mypeexam platform, it is easier to track homework and particularly when students are completing it.

I currently have an International Kickboxer at my school studying the course but unfortunately he cannot use it as one of his sports, so for the purpose of the course he is focusing on the Boxing side. I am lucky to have a spinning room at my school so it is a great facility to do this with as students can see how hard they are working by projecting their heart rate onto the television screen.

Morph Suits Skeletal and Muscular system Morph suits cousrework great for lessons on the body in particular muscles and bones. Running this league allows me to see why students coursewirk at the top of the league and more importantly why are they at the bottom of the league. It would be more realistic to believe that lottery players become winners by accidental correspondence between their combination of numbers and the one which has been drawn during the Mega Millions drawing.

AQA GCSE level PE: Success in the NEA

The anaerobic and aerobic system can be taught practically by using the athletics track. Students that have been successful and have won the half termly competitions over the course of the academic year will receive a gift voucher.

aqa gcse pe coursework exemplar

Now, I was alarmed when I saw the number of red arrows pointing down meaning students had actually dropped from Autumn Term 1 I reset the scores to 0 at the end of exdmplar half term to sustain motivation. Morph suits are great for lessons on the body in particular muscles and bones. The quiz consists of 6 questions which vary in type e.

Students could take part in various activities such as getting students to conduct 6 x 30 metre sprints for anaerobic, 3 x metre runs for lactic acid system and then a metre for aerobic system. This has its numerous advantages:.


Obviously there are some other resources out there that I have not mentioned and as always I would be interested to know of your experiences with any of the external resources I have mentioned above but also ones that you have used that have had an impact on your staff cooursework students.

I would then get students to take part in an activity that they have not possibly taken part in before and not go through the rules etc so they can identify the dangers as the activity develops.

When teaching aspects like the role of the media and the influence of the media I get students to try and recreate the Sky Exemplaf News desk.

For me, the disadvantage with Cricket is again the cost but also exemlar time that is required within a lesson to pad students up.

Actually, PE is often regarded to be a really essential subject, not only for the benefits students can get from playing team sports in the school gym, but also for the social aspects of playing in a team with other students.

aqa gcse pe coursework exemplar

I use Plickers a lot for starters and plenaries and it is great for developing students practice and understanding of multiple choice questions. Students attendance to lessons has generally been good as they know that if they miss my lesson they miss out on points.

AQA GCSE level PE: Success in the NEA – Keynote Educational

Are students in single sex or mixed sex classes? Students are very cousework in this competition and as I update the leaderboard weekly they are able to track their progress every theory lesson as it is always on display.

I courrsework get in the morph suits myself or I get students to put them on and then discuss the theory content using the morph suits to identify where on the body certain bones and muscles are. I have read some comments on social media saying that it is a glorified excel spreadsheet but I think this is unfair as I know for a fact tcse teacher who has produced this has put in an awful lot of time and energy into creating this tracking tool for all specifications on all exam boards.

Once the form is set up it then collates all the information for you every time a response is submitted.