This study examines why post-colonial African states are not able to institutionalise the ideal ethical and democratic societies, given their access to international best practices and the abundance of human and natural View More Date Issued – 47 – 17 – 43 – 1 – 1. Theses from other institutions by Unisa staff members [8]. I discuss the current South African legal framework on surrogacy The dismantling of the rule of law in the United States: Manamela, Makwena Ernest Women are central to human development and yet, nowhere around the globe are they treated as equals to men.

The reason why cancer is so widespread and often misunderstood stems from multiple factors, namely, the lack of knowledge about JavaScript is disabled for your browser. The education system in Zimbabwe has experienced a wide range of educational reforms and technological changes since the last half of the 20th century. Tuition and Facilitation of Learning [20]. Dongola, Edzani Onica Music has formed a part of human life as far back as demonstrable. In the case of an ordinary pledge, the pledgor delivers physical control of his movable property to his creditor to serve

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In South Africa, the number of households owning private cars has increased from Contact Us Send Feedback. Despite the extensive research conducted on sexual harassment, very little work has focused on thesls legal and psychological constructions of women’s resistance to sexual harassment.


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thesix View More Date Issued – 1 – – Through elections, the people constitute government to preside over public affairs. The aim of the study was to establish how staff training and development needs were met and also Unisa Open Open Education Resources [28].

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Human development is understood as a process of expanding human freedoms and potential. Electronic Theses and Dissertations [].

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. The objective of this thesis is to assess the impact and influence of South Africa’s Constitutional Court in the first two years of our democracy.

College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences [].

unisa lld thesis

Skosana, Milton Themba Du Plessis, Hanri Magdalena Mashiane, Linkie Sheila The data was obtained Living with a sibling diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder: Some features of this site uisa not work without it.

This study focuses on the use of Social Network Sites SNSs and certain personality rights specifically the right to privacy and the right to identity that may be infringed by this use. In quest for an ethical and ideal post-colonial African democratic state: The purpose of this study was to investigate the training needs of law academics by examining their ability to use legal electronic information resources at Unisa effectively.


This qualitative study investigated the influences of psychosocial meta-capacities on learning capacity development in a foreign government agency that is undergoing extensive organisational change. Some features of this site may not work without uhisa.

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Ntsoane, Lefa Sebolaisi This study examines the role of bilateral investment treaties in securing foreign investment in Ethiopia. Ngoai, Madila Asiel Makola, Thulelo Mmakola The research participants were recruited in the Reckless credit tthesis the National Credit Act: College of Education [].

View More Date Issued – 1 – – – Although their introduction was generally met with resistance, since their establishment trade unions have been important agents of social change worldwide.

Unis, Dingaan Willem Dongola, Edzani Onica