For example, Bombay Port Trust has its own railway- tracks; oil companies have their own fleet of tankers. Economies of Scale send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. As businesses get bigger, the balance of power between demand and supply could become weaker, thus putting the company out of reach with the needs of its consumers. Click to learn more https: Marketing economies of scale and monopsony power: Economies of scope Economies of scope occur where it is cheaper to produce a range of products rather than specialize in just a handful of products.

Large firms are able to negotiate more favourable terms when buying raw materials etc. Financial – similar in principle to buying in bulk but this time interest rates a more favorable. When a company buys inputs in bulk, say for example potatoes used to make French fries at a fast food chain; it can take advantage of volume discounts. For example, large-scale manufacturers employ specialists to supervise production systems. The main technical economies result from the specialization of the capital equipment and from the indivisibilities Modern technology usually involves a higher degree of mechanization for larger scales of output.

And better management; increased investment in human resources and the use of specialist equipment, such as networked computers can improve communication, raise productivity and thereby reduce unit costs. A good example would be the ability of the electricity generators to negotiate lower prices when finalizing coal and gas supply contracts.

AO2 You need to be able to: These scake require students to use their knowledge and skills to break down ideas into simpler parts and to see how the parts relate: For example a doubling of factor inputs in the production process might lead to a more than doubling of output leading to increasing returns to scale. EBay is a classic example of exploiting network economies of scale as part of its operations.

The MES corresponds to the lowest point on the long run average cost curve and is also known as an output range over which a business achieves productive efficiency. Remote control management takes the place of close control and supervision.


Economies and diseconomies of scale

These interact, and depending on the nature of the business and the way it is managed, decide the optimum or most efficient size for the business. Similarly, storage costs are incurred on the raw materials and finished products. Therefore since costs per unit Average Costs are calculated by dividing the cost by the number of units of output. Increase in the number of workers employed encourages to labor union activities, reduction in output per unit of time, and thus leads to loss of control over labor productivity.

Sssay decentralization the flow of information within the firm is reduced and thus distortions and delays of this information in the various sections of the firm are to a large extent avoided.

Click to learn more https: Thus, when making a strategic decision to expand, companies need to balance the effects of different sources of ES and DS so that the disedonomies cost of all decisions made is lower, resulting in greater efficiency all around. Large firms can enter exclusive agreements with distributors, who undertake the obligation of maintaining a good service department for the product of the manufacturer. External economies of scale EEoS External economies of scale occur outside of a firm but within an industry.

Economies and Diseconomies of Scale | Essay | Economics

Some efficiencies and inefficiencies are more location specific while others are not affected by area. Some inputs, such as research and development, advertising, managerial expertise and skilled labor are expensive, but because of the possibility of increased efficiency with such inputs, can lead to a decrease in the average cost of production and selling.

economies and diseconomies of scale essay

Economies of Scale — The Importance of Market DemandThe market structure of an industry is affected in the long term by the nature and extent of the economies of scale available to individual suppliers and also by the size of market demand. But the volume capacity which determine level of output of a plant increases more than proportionately as the area in Hence the technical cost of installing such industrial plants falls as the output, capacity increases, at least up to the point where the equipment becomes so large as to require stronger materials and special constructions in order to make the large safe.


Mechanization often implies more specialized capital equipment as well as more investment, a fact that makes the large-scale methods of production have high overhead costs. If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

economies and diseconomies of scale essay

They believe that effective management techniques and znd appropriate incentives can do much to reduce the risk of rising long run average costs. Recruitment and retention of the most productive and effective employees makes a sizeable difference to corporate performance in the long run as does the flexibility to fire those at the opposite extreme!

According to theory, economic growth may be achieved when economies of scale are realized.

Economies of Scale Essay

This is a form of oc of labour. Likewise, the relocation of component suppliers and other support businesses close to the centre of manufacturing are also an external cost saving.

Increasing returns to scale operate till economies of scale are greater than the diseconomies of scale, and returns to scale decrease when diseconomies are greater than the economies of scale.

economies and diseconomies of scale essay

Large firms are able to negotiate more favourable terms when buying raw materials etc. Furthermore the decentralization of decision-making in large firms has economirs found very effective in the increase of the efficiency of management. Out-sourcing is a tried and tested way of reducing costs whilst retaining control over production.

Economies of Scale send Economoes clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. In industries where the ratio of fixed to variable costs is high, there is scope for reducing average cost by increasing the scale of output. They are also likely to pay a lower rate of interest on new company bonds because of a better credit rating.