The first four of these economists came to Washington during the Clinton years; the last four during the Bush years. Section II shows how money, whose characteristic is to have no economic role in General Equilibrium Theory, has tormented american mainstream economics since the nineteen seventies. Le haut prix des lingots in Oeuvres, p. Roig Alexandre , La monnaie impossible: Only real changes affect their real decisions. Instead, it was counterrevolutionary

Le haut prix des lingots in Oeuvres, p. It is thus clear that Fisher’s analysis of how a change in monetary factors influenced the rate of interest and how the rate of interest influenced the movement in the level of activity served as a background to Keynes’ discussions with Hawtrey and Robertson as they sought an explanation of cycles within the doctrines of traditional value theory. Indeed, his book, Good and Bad Trade represented the revival of interest in the concept of effective demand that Keynes was later to lament. Serres que le global l’emporte sur le local. This explanation of the determination of asset prices which seemed to group together the prices of physical capital goods which might have been more appropriately explained by an equation similar to that for consumption goods, i.

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Yet Keynes seems to give Fisher direct credit for suggesting this concept: Ils existent, on peut les toucher, les consommer. The real influence of néoclaxsiques on prices and investment The dynamic determination of prices thus became the subject of Keynes’ Treatise. This is a concern which finally motivated his outright rejection of the quantity theory approach in the Treatise: But these two prices have different dimensions, one is a rate of interest, the other is fissertation demand price.

Schumpeter, Marx, Keynes 2. Mais la monnaie n’est pas que le jeu comptable des inscriptions dans les livres de Comptes des individus-agents autonomes.


Of néoclaesiques nothing limits this process to banks, for private individuals can also exchange present for future claims on money. There is thus a distinction to be drawn between the determination of asset values prices and interest rates attached to liabilities.


Among the leaders of the new classical school, none as far as I know has ever left academia to take a significant job in public policy. The division of economists between new classicals and new Keynesians is not, fundamentally, between the political right and the political left.

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La crisis financiera mundial, la transformacion de los capitalismos nacionales y la cuestion socialBuenos Aires: La substance de la valeur, c’est le Travail Abstrait avait dit Marx. Irving Fisher is frequently credited, in the General Theory, in articles written immediately after its publication, and in private correspondence, by Keynes as having been an important influence on his work. Table des illustrations URL http: Thus, although monetary factors represented by the need for liquidity will have an influence on asset prices which will lead rational individuals to refrain from investing all their savings, the correspondence with the bearishness theory is not exact.

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Here Keynes clearly accepts that the current prices of capital assets may in certain circumstances be determined, not by their ability to produce future outputs, or as one might today want to put it, by their physical productivity, but rather by the unwillingness of people to run the capital risk associated with holding them, an unwillingness which will depend on their needs for other assets capable of discharging debt, i.

Those theorems apply strictly to a single closed real economy, without money, presumably one where incredibly efficient multilateral barter determines relative prices and allocates resources over future times and states of nature.

In Section I we justify this choice.

Defense and Development, Money, value and business cycle It is now widely recognised that R. Actual shorter-run non-neutralities are the result of random shocks, say in government monetary policy, dissertayion could not be fissertation. The novelty of this explanation with respect to the Treatise is not so much the liquidity preference theory of the rate of interest, but the new theory of capital goods prices based on marginal efficiency.


Comment, American Economic Review.

dissertation keynes néoclassiques

It is only with respect to debt that liquidity preference is a direct determinant, while it is indirect via the interest rate on assets and may be offset by shifts in the state of expectation.

The real influence of money on prices and investment.

dissertation keynes néoclassiques

The shift from the Treatise theory of bearishness to the liquidity preference theory of the General Theory was accomplished by separating the determination of capital goods prices from the rate of interest.

Economic Articles and Correspondence: As I have stressed in a number of places Kregel, b, Fisher did not ignore the importance of uncertainty, but when he faced the analysis of uncertainty, like so many other economists, he resolved the néoclasiques not as Keynes did by ketnes a given state of expectations of an uncertain future cf.

The other one is developed by Keynes who thinks of Macroeconomics as a System Analysis. That conventional definition precludes the recognition of the conflict between two main interpretations of Macro economics, in the course of the history of economic analysis. It is not surprising then that when his analysis of the determinants of the level of output led him to the realisation that saving and investment would be equal at all levels of income so that they could not determine the rate of interest, Keynes had a ready explanation of the determinants of the rate of interest.

In a Preface to the Kelley reprint of this book Hawtrey explains his early interests as follows: En d’autres termes, elles l’expriment. To the modern reader aware of the cleavage between neo-classical value theory based on Fisher’s work and the post-Keynesian theories stemming from Keynes’ work this indebtedness appears perplexing.